Terms and Conditions

Apply to agreements that come through www.veeteldata.com .

Article 1 Applicability

1.1 All offers , orders and agreements under specified conditions. These conditions can be found on www.veeteldata.com When you place an order or accepting an offer , you accept these conditions .

Article 2 Offer and prices

2.1 All offers are without engagement and VeetelData reserves the right to change prices.

Article 3 Agreements

3.1 The contract is only concluded when you as a buyer place an order and this is accepted by VeetelData . VeetelData is entitled to refuse if it considers the continuation of the agreement VeetelData will cause damage or harm to the relationship between the two parties of the agreement an order.

Article 4 Prices and payment

4.1 The prices stated on www.veeteldata.com in the currency Euro ( € ) and include 21 % VAT. , Unless otherwise expressly stated in the article or in the listing. Payment must be made . (In case of advance payment ) within 14 days after the order date

4.2 If you as the buyer get the order delivered on account, subject to a payment of up to 14 days after the invoice date . If you exceed this limit and the claim by demand or for collection is outsourced will be additional administrative costs , claim costs of collection agency calculated per month . When you stay in defects and the payment is not made , VeetelData reserves the right to suspend or terminate the agreement.

4.3 If you are a sales bonus agreement entered into with VeetelData must be paid . Within the payment period The payment period can be found on the invoice . In case of late payment, claim the sales bonus expires.

Article 5 Ownership

5.1 VeetelData remains whole ownership of all goods delivered until you what you are owed ​​under a contract has been paid in full .

Article 6 Order Status

6.1 to see your order status , you can log onto the website and view your account status . Every time something changed , you will be notified via e – mail by automatically generated messages

Article 7 Supply

7.1 The delivery times provided by VeetelData are indicative , exceeding that time limit you in any case entitled to compensation , discount , etc. Also, you can not terminate the agreement by a delivery exceeded . If the delay is such that we can not even desire to keep the agreement intact from you reasonably you can terminate the contract . Delivery will be on your specified delivery address under your own account.

Article 8 Complaints and liability

8.1 Upon receipt of your order, you have to check whether it satisfies the agreement, Article duty should this not be the case must notify you. VeetelData delivered via e – mail or other written notice

8.2 If it is clear that the products do not conform in accordance with the agreement, VeetelData has the choice to replace it by new products which will be Be it to purchase price to pay if it has already been paid by the buyer. No extra cost backordered Damage which itself is caused by “self repair” the buyer is permanently excluded from any warranty or claim. If you do not want the items for any reason you can return it within 7 days if it is unused and still in unopened packaging and entirely free from traces of use . Additional costs for returning or for its own account .

Article 9 shipping and risk

9.1 The selected shipping method at your own risk when it comes to shipping per mailbox for both Belgium and the Netherlands. Parcel contrast is insured for loss and damages , the settlement will be made by VeetelData . In case of damage or loss will be offered free of charge and again damaged , this does not apply to standard mail pieces. A lot of care in the packing and shipping of your order , your order may still incur damage on the way , this parcel is offered at a very low cost.

Article 10 Use of this website

10.1 This website or any portion of this site may not be reproduced , copied , duplicated , sold, or otherwise commercial exploitation without the written permission of VeetelData . VeetelData reserves the right to withhold its services and cancel if it considers that the customer acts contrary to the law or that the relationship may be the interests of VeetelData . Harmful / or orders

Article 11 Force Majeure

11.1 In the event of force majeure VeetelData reserves the right to implement your order to dissolve at its option either agreement or suspend . This with written notice to you and without VeetelData liable for any damages unless it is reasonable given the situation .

11.2 Force majeure means any shortcoming that VeetelData can not be blamed because it is not due to her fault , nor of law .

Article 12 Applicable law

12.1 All offers, promotions and agreements as well as the conditions described here are subject to Dutch law. disputes between the parties shall , in case of litigation , only presented to a Dutch court .

Article 13 Privacy Notice

13.1 VeetelData respects the privacy of all users of its site and ensures that the personal information you provide is treated confidentially. We use your information to process . As quickly and easily as possible orders For the rest, we will use this information only with your permission .

13.2 VeetelData will not sell your personal information to third parties and will only provide or make available to third parties that are involved in processing your order . VeetelData uses the collected data to its clients the following services : If you place an order , we need your name , email address , delivery address and payment information to process your order and the progress thereof to hold . To make shopping at VeetelData to be as pleasant as possible, we store with your consent your personal information and data related to your order and the use of our services . This allows us to personalize the website .

13.3 With your permission we will use your data to inform the development of the site, special offers and promotions you. If you no longer wish to receive this information here , you can change in your account by unchecking “Receive newsletter ” to uncheck or by sending info@veeteldata.com . An email In this account we store information such as your name and address , telephone number, email address, shipping and payment information, so you do not need to fill . These with every new order Information about the use of our site and the feedback we receive from our visitors helps us to develop our site and improve .